Excel Templates

We are pleased to bring you useful Excel templates. In order to download the file, kindly click on the download button below each file.

Sales Invoice

Bank Payment Voucher

Save the file as macro-enabled as there are two macros in it. One to convert the amount into words and other the “create new voucher” button. The button will create new blank Payment voucher template in a new sheet for you to enter a new voucher.

Sales Reports Pivot Table

Sales Reports prepared using Pivot table. You can either use as it is or modifies it as per your needs.

Attendance Sheet – School

The attendance sheet is used as a control factor in school. You can use the attendance sheet in a printed form or change it as per your needs.

Daily Working Schedule

Planning is very important in order to get tasks done on time and to have check & balance. Daily working schedule sheet is exactly having the same purpose and is prepared to keep the daily task list in mind. The sheet is prepared with the sample conditional formatting formula.

Salary Payslip

Attendance & Timesheet (Staff)

Monthly Reports (Personal Income Vs Expenses)

This useful document consists of three sub-sheets. The data need to be entered in data entry sheet. The middle sheet consists of Income and Expense categories. The final and the most important one is similar to the image shown below. You will change the month and the charts and reports will update itself.


School Fee Voucher

Another useful form linked to the detail student fee. If properly understood and used, will save precious staff time.  Vlookup function is used to build this template which extracts data based on the unique criteria i.e. Student ID.  Change the student ID and it will accumulate data based on the ID.

Financial Statements

This file contains a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements. You can modify it according to your needs.